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CAE Solutions Corporation is a complete, fully integrated Premedia / Prepress, Designing, Typesetting and Publishing solution provider, servicing its clients for over 15 years.

Our services provide streamlined operations and consistent success for all of our clients. We customize each of our publishing programs to fit the criteria for your organization.

What we offer

  • Streamlined operations and consistent success with all of our clients
  • Customized publishing programs to fit the criteria for your organization
  • Specializes in the following services but not limited to:

Typesetting: (Click to See Samples)

  • Expertise in early English and coding for digital archiving projects

  • Our "Multilingual Team" is well versed in German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, Hungarian, Polish, Portuguese and Norwegian languages

Page Composition and Assembly: (Click to See Samples)

  • CAE composes using all major platforms such as QuarkXPress, Adobe InDesign, Framemaker, etc.

Illustrations: (Click to See Samples)

  • CAE provides a full range of graphic design services
    • Print and Web Media
    • Catalogs to Direct Mailers
    • Annual and Corporate Reports
    • Brochures, Book Cover Design

Scientific, Technical and Medical drawings: (Click to See Samples)

  • Our team of artists and designers will create inspiring artwork to suit your publication

Catalogues: (Click to See Samples)

  • CAE undertakes conversion and creation of books and journals for publishing on the internet or other electronic media like CD-ROMs

  • Includes conversion capabilities to and from formats like MS Word, RTF, TeX/LaTeX, XML, HTML, etc.

File Conversion, Data Conversion, XML coding and Keying Services:
(Click to See Samples)

  • CAE expert programmers can code data with provided DTD

  • Our keyboarding team can key data against source files at a 99.99% accuracy

Digitization: (Click to See Samples)

  • CAE can scan Imaged text (OCR) and layout formatting in the physical form

Publishing Services:

  • CAE's has proven expertise in publishing services. The solutions are completely tailored to the client’s individual needs and structured to utilize the offshore advantages. Our range of publishing services includes:
      • Total Content Management Solutions
      • Copyediting
      • Multilingual Typesetting
      • Graphics
      • Indexing
      • XML conversion
      • e-Books
      • High volume scanning and OCR

CAE offers solutions to easily manage and organize content for publishing and printing purposes irrespective of market or industry segment:

  • Ensures that content and images are represented consistently, accurately and effectively, in any media
  • Manages black & white and color (2/c & 4/c) workflow processes for publication, advertising, corporate financial and commercial printing, web, e-media operations
  • Provides media-specific business outsourcing services to financial printers, the graphic arts market, service bureaus, data centers and publishing houses, both on offshore and onsite/offshore delivery platform

CAE Solutions customized delivery teams includes the production of directories, books, prospectuses, direct mail campaigns, annual reports, newsletters and a range of commercial documents.

  • Experienced and dedicated team of professionals in Typesetting, Composing, Pagination and Copyediting
  • Handles STM (Scientific, Technical and Mathematical) and CTB's (Children Text Books)

Tools and Technology in use
CAE Solutions employs a wide array of industry standard software applications:
  • Illustrator
  • CorelDraw
  • QuarkXpress
  • Microsoft Publisher
  • InMath
  • Pitstop
  • WordPerfect
  • Microsoft Word
  • PageMaker
  • InDesign
  • XPressMath
  • Quite A Box of Tricks
  • Tex/LaTex
  • Photoshop
  • FrameMaker
  • PowerMath
  • XML
  • PDF Snake

CAE works with large publishers and Financial Printers in US & Europe with an accuracy of 99.995% and quick turnaround (QTA) as per requirement.

Document and Data conversion has been CAE’s forte during the past 15 years. We continue to provide document conversion services to various US based clients. These include HTML, PDF, WordPerfect, RTF, PDF-Image scanning, XML, ASCII, etc.

Our Expertise in Desktop Publishing is your win. Contact Us

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