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CAE Solutions has developed time tested, proven, industrial strength solutions that help our clients ease the pain in processing paper, EDI and Web transactions. CAE provides:

  • One stop outsourcing services with minimum capital investment
  • Fast deployment: typically 25 to 40 days from contract to production
  • Industry leading guarantees on turn-around time, accuracy and up-time
  • Reduction in transaction processing costs: 30-60%
  • Guaranteed lowest rates - Ask us how we can match any valid qualified competitor's pricing while giving you substantially better depth, breadth and quality of service

CAE provides various back office services that support clients' businesses. Client Benefits include:

  • Concentration on key business competencies
  • CAE manages and operates the back office processes that may not be their core activities, but still are critical to their businesses
  • CAE team consists of professionals with significant experience in back office processes and is equipped with the best technology to ensure fast and accurate response to the processing requirements

CAE understands the rules and regulatory framework prevailing in the major markets and has developed processes to ensure compliance. We have institutionalized methodologies and capability to automate processes to achieve higher productivity and quality.

We have used Automated Work Distributor™(AWD®) technology from DST System Inc. AWD is an object oriented, image enabled work management system that electronically routes work through an organization. It allows for:

  • Retrieval of client and associate service records
  • Allocation of work to resources as per organization’s procedures
  • Prioritizing work objects and allocating it according to the skills of available resource
  • Completion of a process in time with consistency and quality assurance
  • Providing history and audit trail data
  • Role-based Interface and Configuration Tools
  • Multi-Channel Modular Framework
  • Helping company to work – Task Management, Process Flow Automation, Metadata Management, Data Transformation and Intelligent Routing
  • Real-Time access to Critical Performance Data and System Monitoring
  • 360-degree Roundtrip Monitoring and Simulation
  • Allowing customer to seamlessly integrate their business processes across disparate business solutions
  • Managing regulatory compliance through standard business processes
  • Reacting immediately to work volume or market changes
  • Focus human talent on critical & complex tasks and exception handling via robust process automation
  • Streamlining the flow of data through existing enterprise systems
  • Mitigating & managing the business risk

Some of the Financial Transaction processes we have performed are:
  • Online Account Opening
  • Account Linking
  • Registration Update
  • Account Merger
  • Check Writing
  • Money Market Fund
  • Address Update
  • Account Closure
  • Checkbook Reorder
  • Duplicate Confirm Statement
  • Name Change Update
  • Power of Attorney
  • Social Security Number Update
  • Transfer on Death
  • IRA Beneficiary Update
  • User ID, W8BEN and W9 Form Types Update
  • Options Account Enabling/Disabling

Other Services include:

  • On-line claim submission, status & correction
  • On-line plan benefits determination
  • Referral inquiries
  • Pre-authorizations
  • Bi-directional information exchange
  • Duplicate detection and handling
  • Order Entry processing

Why use CAE Solutions:

Highly Developed Professional Skills - Our staff has been trained in United States under the watchful eyes of processing specialists from a leading electronic trading organization. We hire people having a Full-Time Post Graduation in Finance or Commerce as minimum qualification standards.

Unparalleled Experience - We have been in the information processing business for 16 years. We have a long, successful history of development and deployment of mission critical systems. And because we engineer our own software, we've accumulated knowledge that translates into significant benefits for you.

Higher Value - Because of our superior technology and experience, we can offer rates that our competition simply can't match with their manual or generic processes.

Our Expertise in Transaction Processing Services is your win. Contact Us

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