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CAE Solutions offers a complete range of language related services.

  • Large network of translators and linguists from all over the world covering almost all languages: European, Asian, Latin American, Middle Eastern, etc.
  • Applies strict evaluation standards using rigorous tests, approval from our expert linguists prior to acceptance into the team
  • Known for its long-standing commitment to quality and service
  • Use native translators or those having native level proficiency on translation projects
  • Project managers always on hand to support client questions
  • Loyal client base and enjoy repeated business from clients

Experience and Knowledge: CAE uses experienced and knowledgeable, subject-specific translators in fields like Information Technology, Law, Science and Engineering, Medicine, Business and Finance which ensures a highly accurate translations.

  • We don't just translate words, we translate meaning to avoid cultural mistakes, that gives you confidence when communicating anywhere in the world.
  • Our commitment to service, coupled with our technical expertise and in-depth industry knowledge has led reputed companies to choose us as their globalization partner.
  • Our linguists are professional translators with accreditation from reputed Universities and having rich translation experience.

Latest Technology and Systems: CAE is equipped with the latest multilingual software, state-of-the-art computer systems, Electronic Terminology Banks, Internet tools and memory software

  • Offers a competitive edge in the global marketplace through powerful communication.

Quality and Modifications/Corrections: Translations and other services are done by native, experienced professional and established Linguists with a wide knowledge and expertise in the relevant field. Quality is our main concern.

  • Any modification/correction required after the delivery of the translation, will be done free-of-charge for one time within a period of one week from the date of delivery of the translated material
  • After a one-time modification/correction is completed and/or after lapsing one week, any other modification/correction will incur charges depending upon the nature and volume of the modification/correction required


All work is treated with the highest confidentially and integrity by our staff, translators and linguists. Additionally, for extra security, we will sign confidentiality agreements related specifically to the work at hand.

Our Expertise in Translation Services is your win. Contact Us


English <> Arabic English <> Assamese
English <> Chinese English <> Bengali
English <> Danish English <> Gujarati
English <> Dutch English <> Hindi
English <> French English <> Kannada
English <> German English <> Kashmiri
English <> Italian English <> Malayalam
English <> Japanese English <> Marathi
English <> Korean English <> Oriya
English <> Persian (Farsi) English <> Punjabi
English <> Portuguese English <> Rajasthani
English <> Russian English <> Sanskrit
English <> Spanish English <> Tamil
English <> Swedish English <> Telugu
English <> Vietnamese English <> Urdu

* The above list is not exhaustive of all the language-pairs in which we deal in.

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