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Fundamental Financials defines a set of data elements in a given business-reporting context, such as U.S. GAAP or international accounting standards used to define the contents of basic Financial Statements such as Balance Sheet, Cash Flow and Income Statement and other business reporting documents:

  • Provides in-depth financial information for all publicly traded US companies
  • Arranges financial data in pre-specified standard format (US GAAP) to provide a comparison of different company performances within the same industry
  • Uses a controlled set of strings and relationships from Financial Statements to provide standard descriptions for the data elements used in business reporting
  • The string extraction is done by the System

XBRL streamlines the financial information from public and private companies, the accounting profession, data aggregators, the investment community and all other users of financial statements. XBRL offers benefits like:

  • Technology independence
  • Full interoperability
  • Efficient preparation of financial statements
  • Reliable financial information

Key Highlights

Fundamental Financials is compatible with any type of Dataset and Financial statements. It provides in-depth financial information for all publicly traded US companies

  • Captures the raw data from the SEC EDGAR filings of all publicly traded US companies
  • Arranges the Financial data in pre-specified standard format
  • Allows accurate comparisons across companies and within various financial periods for a same company
  • Provides the quickest method to obtain financial data
  • Segregation on the basis of SIC code

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