Healthcare Solutions Provider Recruiter

Electronic Provider Application Submission (EPAS)

CAE Solutions has expertise in developing solutions for recruting a medical/dental provider onto Insurance Companies.

  • Customized to Client Brand Standards
  • Wizard Driven
  • Context Sensitive Help for each field
  • Configurable Dropdown Values
  • Extensive Validations
  • System Filled Application Form
  • Data Export for Down Streams and Analytics
  • WCAG Compliant

Recruitment Application Submission & Processing will solve at least 80% of online recruitment effort with seamless application processing directly to Credentialing with hooks for Contract/Agreement Submission & Processing.

The provider goes to Recruiter website and enters basic demographic information. Based on the responses (especially State), provider will be presented a set of Wizard Driven Screens. The screens would come from a standalone server that is safe, compliant and transparent to the provider. It will have the client look and feel and follows client standard web design guideline so that it appears monolithic with other client provided web services. Before provider goes to next screen the data entered would be validated based on Acceptable Ranges/Values. Any error would be highlighted in red (similar to Credit Card Processing Process) and they would be prompted to fix those (with appropriate guidance) before the next screen is displaced.

If provider does not know a particular answer and need to go away to get the answer, the system will save all the application up to that point and they can come back and resumes from where they left off. Contract/Agreement can be processed so long as the Fee Schedule has been discussed with the Rep. and addressed prior to starting the enrollment application. Then the Enrollment and Contract Applications could be presented in wizard screens one after another.

Both of these documents would be then wrapped around with EchoSign envelope that will get electronic signature from the provider. This will be a complete end-to-end solution. Once all the screens are validated and are compliant, the final form would appear in a PDF or HTML format. For the Provider Record Folder, the PDF can be printed or stored online in a Provider Vault.

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