Financial Services Data Services

CAE Solutions Corporation provides a complete research solution

  • Combines a comprehensive collection of critical compliant and authenticated company information
  • Uses the EDGAR database at Securities and Exchange Commission
  • Offers clients integrated and researched information
  • Utilizes qualitative and quantitative research or just plain and simple monitoring
  • Draws upon exclusive information relationships
  • Delivers the most authoritative knowledge available in filings at EDGAR
  • Provides critical data for confident decisions


Provides in-depth research and analysis of all US financial instruments filing on EDGAR Features target the information needed quickly and easily

  • Powerful integrated capabilities, including presentation-ready financials and batch printing, simplify the process of designing financials, filings, and news to specifications
  • Browser enabled data access and management via point-and-click web interface
  • State-of-the-art application programming and network optimization retrieve search results in seconds via a secure and reliable connection
  • Flexible information delivery as needed or for analyzing further in Excel or printing or saving it immediately
  • Historical depth of filings and database, with filings going back to 1997. The tailor made solutions and numerous customization options bring out the benefits of our in-depth, diverse and delivery capability

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