Knowledge Center Customer Management

Call Center Overview Location: Burlington, MA

Our Call Center is structured to meet or exceed our client’s goals while performing outgoing/ incoming call services:

  • Strive to complete all Call Center projects ahead of schedule
  • Seek to deliver to 100% client satisfaction
  • Provide accurate and verified data reports


  • Data collection and secure data retrieval
  • Verification of information
  • Organizing training and events


  • Customer support of all issues


  • Web based training or on-phone training to the end user of any application


  • Avaya Phone Systems
  • Tracking and Data Storage Applications
  • Call recording if required and report generation
  • Data access to calls and Voice mails remotely


Task Tracker Tools - allow call agents to easily transition from call to call while tracking and recording our client’s predefined data sets.


CAE Solutions Call Center Agents - offer a seamless customer service experience for your clients. Our team of professionals works with yours to customize strategy based on your company needs. The careful implementation of cost effective solutions meet long and short term goals.

We offer a wide range of toll free customer service for:

  • Customer Relationship Management
  • 24 hour online and call support
  • Email migration or updates
  • Installation Support
  • New customer welcome calls
  • Technical support/training
  • Appointment Management and Scheduling
  • Telemarketing/cold calling/sales
  • Data entry/Collection
  • Event Registration
  • Billing/Claims
  • Account Services

eConsole Communication Platform (Distribution and Tracking):

Provides email creations, mass distributions, data gathering and reporting, using contact information from client CRM systems (, Seibel, etc.) or file uploads:

  • Emails include nested links, attachments
  • Reporting results
  • Events scheduling
  • Surveys

eConsole will proactively keep client customers/agents informed via pre-scheduled outbound communications for sales or training material. Our eConsole Communication Platform service features:

  • Secure messaging for sensitive information
  • Automatic list updating & addressing hard and soft bounces
  • Management of incoming emails
  • Reporting on opened and/or clicked, failed emails

Advantage of CAE Call Center Services

  • Superior call center while reducing client cost of hiring, training and setting-up infrastructure
  • Added benefit of providing scalability, process improvements and enhanced efficiencies
  • Provides access to leading edge technology and state of the art equipment
  • Allows to extend hours through CAE’s 24x7 operating schedule
  • Provides needed information to identify trends, anticipate training needs, and increase responsiveness to your internal or external customers to ultimately provide quality services
  • Create a custom tracking tool or use your existing call management system


  • Enthusiastic, professional, and experienced
  • Pre-employment background-check, and drug-test cleared
  • Primary language is English, translation is available on request

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